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    We are very well located and we have two entrances.
    – The first for those who prefer to enter from the blue gate.
    You only have to go through the big door, after about 6 meters you find a street on the left and then turn right, going down you will see a big door of the famous medrasa Bouanania. After about 5 meters they find a street on the right. There you will see our restaurant banner.
    – For those who prefer to access from La Plaza Batha. Next to Poste office they find an avenue, go straight on until they reach a bank called Attijariwafabank, then turn right. Go down there, until you reach school called lala aicha there is a street on the left. Enter through there and you will see our restaurant banner.

    -Dear client if you found those address hard to find contact us on our phone numbers and we will bring you from blue Gate or batha us !!!

    We are very happy to serve you.

      whatsapp:+212 (0) 662 549 542


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    Contact Us

    For general enquiries or reserve please email:

    whatsapp : +212 (0) 662 549 542

    Tel:  +212 (0) 662 549 542

    25 Derb Tariana Talaa Lakbira fes maroc 300 Mettre Blue Gate ,300 Mettre Plaza Batha, Fes 30110 Morocco

    Opening hours:
    Mon – Thu: 10.00 – 23:00
    Fri – Sun: 10:00 – 23:30