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Moroccan Pastries

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Moroccan Pastries

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    PALAIS bab sahra fez
    Moroccan Pastries

    Desserts come as a place of crown decoration on the Moroccan cooking circuit, so its preparation has a particular character and style in the art of cooking, and most uses in the art of making sweets are almonds, walnuts, pistachios, then chocolate and some seeds including anise, sesame and flax seeds, and the varieties and shapes vary, such as (Ka`b al -Ghazal, Ghriba, Chebakia, Briwat).

    Eating sweets in Morocco has certain rituals. One of the “etiquettes” of welcome, and expression of generosity, is to pour cups of tea followed by a variety of delicious traditional Moroccan sweets that are served during vacations, weddings and any occasion.

    There are special sweets and tea parties, called ‘tea parties’, in which various varieties and artistic formations of sweets are presented with ‘mint’ flavored tea or ‘shaybah’ or flavored tea served on trays circular and decorated, in the middle of which is the Moroccan refrigerator in a variety of special utensils of decorated cups and dishes. Aesthetically consistent, often in glass or pottery or in iron, silver and copper.

    Cost: 55 per person – includes water & maroccan tea & patisserie  _  includes all materials (3,5 hours)



    Yes, they are more than welcome. It costs 190dh per person for the 3-course lunch, or 75dh per person for afternoon tea. You must inform us at the time of booking to ensure we cater for the additional food.

    Absolutely, but we ask that the group books a private workshop in order that  we can pay special attention to our younger guests.

    We are happy to organise bespoke courses for private workshops only. Please contact ( for more information.

    Yourself, a smile and a healthy appetite

    No, BAB SAHRA FES  is very easy to find in all locations. LINK TO MAP HERE . The first for those who prefer to enter from the blue gate.
    You only have to go through the big door, after about 6 meters you find a street on the left and then turn right, going down you will see a big door of the famous medrasa Bouanania. After about 5 meters they find a street on the right. There you will see our restaurant banner RESTAURANT PALAIS BAB SAHRA FEZ

    50% non-refundable deposit on booking via PayPal.
    50% refund on cancellations made more than a week before the class.
    No refund on cancellations made less than a week before the class.

    Sous Chef
    Lorenzo Morelli
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    Pastry Chef
    Aaliyah Williams
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    Sauté Chef
    Lyon Blanchet
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