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    PALAIS Bab Sahra Fez
    Henné PARTY

    The henna plant is one of the plants known since ancient times, as the ancient Egyptians knew it thousands of years ago, and many Arab scholars like Ibn Sina cared about it, and its original habitat was not yet known, and it is likely that it is one of the plants of the Arabian Peninsula, and from it it spread to most countries of the world. It is now grown in many countries of the world, because of its many benefits in the industrial, aesthetic, medical and commercial fields

    Henna is grown in clay and sandy lands, either by seed or cuttings, and high temperature and high air humidity are required to complete its growth, so it can be cultivated in many parts of the world.
    The henna bush, like many other shrubs, consists of a root, stem, leaves, flowers and fruits, and its average height reaches about five meters. Its varieties include municipal, Shami, Baghdadi, and thorny henna. The best and richest in colored materials is municipal henna.





    After a little bit about the history, we’ll create our own personalized designs before it’s put onto our feet or hands. Let’s get to work! It will take around 30 minutes for the drawing to be done. And once it’s finished, we’ll receive some advice on how to lengthen the amount of time the henna design will stay on our skin.

    Once the process has finished, we’ll be served a delicious lunch or dinner, depending on the time of the activity. The menu includes 7 types of salads, accompanied by a tajin, and seasonal fruit for dessert, as well as some Moroccan tea and local sweets.

    After 3 hours, the experience will come to an end at the main entrance to the restaurant. We hope to see you again soon!


    Location/Meeting place: fez Medina blue gate

    Language: English / Frensh / Espagnol

    Availability: every day

    Please keep in mind that if you choose the 11 am slot, you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch, while if you choose the 4 pm slot, you’ll be served dinner.


      Cost: 40 per person – includes water (3 hours)

      Children 6 to 10 years: 70%


      A50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of book We can return you the deposit and you can pay us by credited card or cash

    Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email or SMS with the details of your booking.

    Beautiful place I highly recommend this magical place and the food is delicious, the staff very welcoming highly I will return
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    Good food and better deal, very nice!!!!!! There is great variety of food, Very comfortable!!!
    The decoration, the staff are very efficient and so simpl, the menus are really SUPERB and DELICIOUS.See you soon INSHALLÁ at your place.
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    Alice Wayne

    Yes, they are more than welcome. It costs 200dh per person for the 3-course lunch, or 75dh per person for afternoon tea. You must inform us at the time of booking to ensure we cater for the additional food.

    Absolutely, but we ask that the group books a private workshop in order that  we can pay special attention to our younger guests.

    We are happy to organise bespoke courses for private workshops only. Please contact ( for more information.

    Yourself, a smile and a healthy appetite

    No, BAB SAHRA FES  is very easy to find in all locations. LINK TO MAP HERE . The first for those who prefer to enter from the blue gate.
    You only have to go through the big door, after about 6 meters you find a street on the left and then turn right, going down you will see a big door of the famous medrasa Bouanania. After about 5 meters they find a street on the right. There you will see our restaurant banner RESTAURANT PALAIS BAB SAHRA FEZ

    50% non-refundable deposit on booking via PayPal.
    50% refund on cancellations made more than a week before the class.
    No refund on cancellations made less than a week before the class.