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    A room in the Bab Sahra restaurant is dedicated to hosting the Cooking Classes where aspiring chefs try their hand at learning the cooking techniques of classic Moroccan dishes prepared with appropriately chosen and dosed ingredients. The project includes the extraordinary and anticipated collaboration with MasterChef, the acclaimed reality TV show where amateur chefs compete to make their dream come true.

    We shall pick you up from your accommodation and then the day begins with a shopping expedition to a local souk or market deep in the heart of bustling Fes Medina. Here we shall purchase all the ingredients that we shall be using later to produce our traditional Moroccan meal during the fun for all cooking class. The butchers will have all the fresh beef, chicken and lamb you need, the vegetable stalls quality local produce at unbelievably low prices, fruit stalls a riot of colour and flavours and the spice shops, piled with aromatic herbs and spices used to produce delicious sauces, rare yellow saffron, red hot paprika, fragrant yellow cumin, orange/ brown ginger, the sunshine bright hue of the turmeric, the black of the pepper grounds, brownish sticks or powdered cinnamon and white Moroccan salt, all in all a sensation overload! Shopping completed, your guide will escort you to the traditional Moroccan kitchen.

    There is a wide variety of dishes that you can learn to cook as the Moroccan cuisine is very rich, diverse and considered to be one of the most important cuisines in the world with many delightful dishes that have gained their fame and great reputation through centuries of different dynasties, being able to change and improve with time to satisfy and appease the needs of the Moroccan people. The most famous dishes that tourists like to learn how to prepare are: different types of Tagine (Chicken Tagine with olives, Tagine with meat and vegetables, Tagine with meat & Prunes,…), Different types of Couscous (Couscous with meat and vegetables, couscous with raisins and onions,….), Pastillas (Chicken Pastilla, Fish Pastilla,…), Moroccan Soup “Hrira”.

    Back to our place for a quick refreshing and relaxing, before putting on our aprons for the next couple hours of learning and cooking. Roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the traditional Moroccan cooking. While learning and noting down the ultimate secrets of Morocco’s cuisine and its deliciousness. Finish your Fes cooking class in the ambient hospitality of the local people and get the chance to enjoy the fruit of your work, gathering around the table in a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

    Sous Chef
    Lorenzo Morelli
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    Pastry Chef
    Aaliyah Williams
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    Sauté Chef
    Lyon Blanchet
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